This Just In: David Morrell will be the guest on the KNME-TV Channel 5 program “Report from Santa Fe.” It will air at 8 a.m. Sunday, April 12.

(The following is part of a package of four stories about Santa Fe author David Morrell.)

By David Steinberg

David Morrell is a well-seasoned author. As Morrell puts it, “This is my 43rd year as a published author.”

Morrell has written thrillers and mysteries. He’s also written several nonfiction books, including “The Successful Novelist, A Lifetime of Lessons about Writing and Publishing.”

That book is a revised and expanded version of “Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing” and is the basis for Morrell’s keynote address on Saturday, April 18 at the 2015 Writers Conference at the University of New Mexico. His address is titled “Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Writing.”

“Phil Klass, the man who taught me to write, was at Penn State University. He was teaching when I was a student there. He said if you want a career as a writer you have to be distinctive. With (Edith) Wharton and (Ernest) Hemingway, they had distinctive styles in subject matter and theme,” Morrell said.

“Phil said you have to be one a kind. How? The answer is to be true to yourself. Klass said everybody has a dominant emotion. Hate, entry, jealousy, spite, lust. With me, it’s fear.”

Morrell remembers that his fear mushroomed when he was a child and it was no surprise to him that he later became a thriller writer.

Klass’ nom de plume as a science fiction writer was William Tenn.

Morrell is one of a handful of writers speaking at the conference.

Others include Sarah Lovett, who’s written a crime fiction series, has co-authored two spy thrillers with Valerie Plame, as well as written science books for children and travel books; Paula Paul, an author of historical fiction, literary fiction, mysteries and books for young adults; poet Jeanne Shannon; Peter Fisk, a playwright, novelist and poet; and Carol March, a sci-fi novelist and creative writing teacher.

In addition, two editors and four literary agents will discuss “What You Should Know About Publishing Today.” Among them are Amanda Bergeron of HarperCollins and Kerry D’Agostino, an agent with Curtis Brown.

The conference begins at 8:30 a.m. and concludes at 4:30 p.m. It will be held in the University of New Mexico Continuing Education Conference Center, 1634 University NE.

The course number and title are #14899 “Writing: From Start to Sales.”

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Running concurrently with this event is the UNM Young Writer’s Conference. It’s for those ages 11 to 17, and they will attend the morning sessions of the adult conference and then break out into two youth-only afternoon sessions. One session is on “Writing Your Own Zine” and the other is “Translating Your Experiences into Fiction.” For more information and a schedule of activities, go to under “youth conferences” or contact Amy Greene at or call 277-0698.