“The Fallen Angel” by Daniel Silva (HarperCollins)

Review by Richard B. Edwards

Gabriel Allon, a retired Israeli spy, has his art restoration work at the Vatican interrupted: There’s been a death of an art curator in St. Peter’s Basilica. Vatican police suggest suicide but Allon thinks it is actually a murder.  Reactivated as a spy for this case, Allon gradually uncovers a global smuggling network in antiquities with ties to the terrorist group Hezbollah, whose profits are laundered through the Vatican Bank.

Ultimately he discovers there is an bomb threat directly linked to Iran’s client, Hezbollah; and the bomb is to be detonated during the Pope’s visit to Jerusalem.

The international intrigue in Daniel Silva’s novel will quickly capture your attention. It starts out in Vatican City, moves to Paris, Berlin, Switzerland, Tel Aviv, and finally to the most sacred place on earth, Jerusalem.

It is a story that will keep you up past your bedtime.

Silva is a New York Times bestselling author of a series of novels featuring Allon.

Richard B. Edwards is a longtime Albuquerque resident and a polyglot.