By David Steinberg

The standard approach to book signing events is this: One author autographs and sometimes discusses his or her newly published book.

At literary conferences or at book festivals, you can find multiple authors hunched over tables talking with prospective book buyers.

At noon on Thursday, Feb. 5 at the University of New Mexico Bookstore, seven professors in UNM”s School of Architecture and Planning will try to sell a few books they’ve written in recent years. The bookstore is at 2301 Central NE (across Central from Cornell SE)

“The joint signing is a way to highlight the range and depth of work produced by the faculty at the School of Architecture and Planning,” said Mark Childs, the school’s associate dean and one of the seven professors.

“These recent books by current faculty should interest a wide range of people. The topics include New Mexico history, poetry, approaches to sustainability, the design of plazas and squares and sustainable low-income housing.  Together these books are a remarkable contribution to the culture, intellectual capital, reputation, and economy of the state.”

Childs also thinks of the event as a “small celebration” of the authors’ writings.

“As I said to the faculty, it should be fun, hopefully we’ll meet some interesting people, and maybe we’ll sell a few books,” he said in an email.

Childs is the author of “Urban Composition” (Princeton Architectural Press) and “Squares: A Public Place Design Guide for Urbanists” (UNM Press).

These are the other six professor/authors and the books they’ll offer for sale at the event:

–Eleni Bastea “The Creation of Modern Athens: Planning the Myth” (Cambridge University Press), “Memory and Architecture” (UNM Press), “Venice without Gondolas” poems (Finishing Line Press). Bastea is Regents Professor of Architecture and director of the International Studies Institute.

Baker H. Morrow “Canyon Gardens: The Ancient Pueblo Landscapes of the American Southwest” (UNM Press) and “A Harvest of Reluctant Souls: Fray Alonso de Benavides’ History of New Mexico” (UNM Press). Morrow is an Albuquerque landscape architect and founding director of the UNM master’s program in landscape architecture.

–John Quale (“Sustainable , Affordable Prefab” (Univeristy of Virginia Press). He is director and professor of architecture.

–Levi Romero “A Poetry of Remembrance: New and Rejected Works” (UNM Press), “In the Gathering of Silence” (West End Press) and “Sagrado: A Photopoetics Across the Chicano Homeland” (UNM Press). Romero is an assistant professor in Community & Regional Planning and Chicano and Chicano Studies at UNM.

–Alf Simon “”Building to Endure” (UNM Press). Simon is a professor in the School of Architecture.

–Chris Wilson “The Roque Lobato House” (Schenck Southwest Publishing), “The Plazas of New Mexico” (Trinity University Press). Wilson is J.B. Jackson Professor of Cultural Landscape Studies.