By David Steinberg

Albuquerque’s beer brewing community is foaming over.

So new editions of two related books are welcome. But where you live is irrelevant to enjoying and making use of these home brewing books.

One is the fourth edition of “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing” and the other is the second edition of “The Homebrewer’s Companion.” Both are by Charlie Papazian.

“The Homebrewer’s Companion” was first published 20 years go and now it’s been fully revised, reorganized and updated with information about the latest techniques and equipment as well as with more than 70 new recipes.

“The Complete Joy of Homebrewing” is billed as the most popular book about beer ever published, especially as a text for the beginner. More than 1.2 million copies have been sold. It’s been a go-to guide for making  ales, lagers, stouts, pilseners, dubbels, tripels and home run speciality beers and meads. The new fourth edition has an updated Beer Style and Homebrew Recipe Formulation chart with key flavor and aroma characters; ingredient information for 53 beer styles; an expanded chart on 68 hop varieties, descriptions and uses; and beer kit tips.

Both new editions are on sale Sept. 30. Retail prices are $17.99 for the paperback of each and $10.99 for each e-book. The publisher is William Morrow.