Lauren MacEwen talks about “Social Media: Posting for Performance” at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 5 at New Life Presbyterian Church, 5540 Eubank NE. The talk is sponsored by SouthWest Writers. Admission is $10 for the general public.

By David Steinberg

If you’re planning to attend Lauren MacEwen’s Saturday, April 5 talk on “Social Media: Posting for Performance,” please ask questions.

MacEwen is counting on it.

She’s an Albuquerque social media strategist, blogger and a speaker on social media topics who happens to own her own company – SM Cubed Consulting.

Of course, MacEwen will give a talk as advertised.

“Probably what I will be discussing are some of the upcoming changes in Faceback, in its algorithm. It affects people’s reach on pages and they will need to know how to navigate,” she said. “Should I have a page, a profile? What are the pluses and minuses. You will want to make sure you’re optimizing your post and get the maximum amount of exposure.”

MacEwen said she’ll also look at the increasing intersection of writing and social media as well as the subject of self-promotion: How do you know if you’re promoting yourself in a way that’s hurting or helping yourself?

“Everyone wants to know how to make everything go viral. There are things you can do to make content sticky, that is, to make it resonate with more people,” she said.

MacEwen has some simply tricks. Like avoiding the 5,000-word blog post.

“Most of us have the attention span of a guppy. So is it better to write one big post or break it up into smaller, more digestible bites?” she asked rhetorically.

But the event is not all about the ideas she’s coming with. MacEwen is dying to have audience participation.

“I want to let the audience guide and see what direction it wants to go,” she said.

Audience members, she surmised, may want to jump in about a Twitter redesign and what people can do to capitalize on it. Or maybe chat about Google Plus.

“If people are very participatory, we’ll talk about what is happening in the sphere of content marketing. Or if people want to get in a little bit deeper we’ll discuss things that are the most relevant for them,” MacEwen said.

“With bloggers it’s always hard to tell. Sometimes they want to stick to social media or get into the nitty gritty … how to optimize posts, how to get out to guest bloggers, how to time-release a blogpost, how often you should write,” MacEwen added.

A Toronto native who attended Smith College. After graduation, she stayed in Northampton, Mass., to work in production for several magazines owned by Disney Publishing.

Looking for job opportunities in LA and Toronto, she ended up in Albuquerque.

Social media has been a personal passion of hers. MacEwen began doing social media for the re-election campaign of State Treasurer Hector Balderas.

She was also doing odd projects and concluded that she was good at it and so she formed her consulting company. But her name is the URL of her website.

“I decided to just brand me. It was a good decision. People remembered me. That’s why branding me was better than branding the company,” MacEwen said.

With SM Cubed Consulting, she wanted to see if she could build a business and see if she could make a living.

“It’s not necessarily easy. But I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients locally and internationally,” MacEwen added.

She remembers fondly her time at Disney Publishing, “…but print is a dying medium unfortunately.  I always will have a deep love for print. But I also have a deep love for text.”